Ritch Eich’s leadership style is part Warren Bennis and Max De Pree, part John Greenleaf and Peter Drucker, and part Jackie Robinson and Colin Powell. Ritch is a change agent and has worked tirelessly to transform the management practices and processes he inherited in each of his positions of increasing responsibility. As a leadership and management consultant, Ritch is continuing to share ‘best practices’ from the leadership field.

- Steve Grafton
President and CEO, The University of Michigan Alumni Association

Ritch has a strong passion for the principles, morals, and ethics that make great leaders. In a world where it’s increasingly difficult to know who to trust, you can trust Ritch.
- Ross K. Goldberg
President, Kevin/Ross Public Relations and co-founder, Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development
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Proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to the Jackie Robinson Foundation for scholarships for deserving students.

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What we do

EICH ASSOCIATED is passionate about results – our clients’ results. When you work with Eich Associated, your needs drive all our efforts. Our overriding goal is to help your organization succeed.

EICH ASSOCIATED is a firm which offers strategic marketing and communications insights and service to both not-for-profit and for profit firms.

EICH ASSOCIATED is personal, nimble and proactive. We pride ourselves on listening attentively to your unique challenges and then collaboratively developing tailored, cost-effective and practical solutions for success.

Who we are

EICH ASSOCIATED is committed to helping our clients clarify their external and internal challenges and then collaboratively develop a strategy for successfully overcoming them.

Our areas of expertise include the following:
  • Corporate Identity
  • Reputation Management and Enhancement
  • Management Coaching
  • Brand Marketing and Communications
  • Community Relations
  • Special Events Positioning

The essence of Ritch Eich’s approach is to listen, analyze, and communicate. His intellect and training, buttressed by his fundamental instincts, are valuable assets in any problem-solving environment.
- Eugene A. Bauer, MD
Former CEO, Stanford University Medical Center
Former dean, Stanford University School of Medicine

Ritch Eich has captured the essence of leadership in his book, Real Leaders Don’t Boss. People may gain wealth or promotions by the sheer power of their personality and desire, however the success of the organization fades as soon as they leave and they usually leave untold numbers of casualties in their wake. Real leaders know their trade as well, but they are guided by virtues such as fortitude and temperance. They value those that work for them. They also challenge and mentor them. Real leaders are comfortable in their own skin, which in turn develops the character of those who work for them.

- Major General Leslie M. Palm, USMC (Ret.)
President and CEO, Marine Corps Association & Foundation (Ret.)

"Ritch Eich brings great breadth and depth to solving organizations’ public affairs and marketing challenges. He’s been “at the table” with presidents, CEOs and other leaders in private industry, health care, higher education and government. He knows what works and what doesn’t. His interpersonal style “wears well” with diverse audiences."

- Norm Hartman
Former News Anchor, KRON-TV, San Francisco
President, TMT Worldwide whose clients include Intel,
The CDC, EPA, FDA and Kaiser Permanente

"Ritch Eich has a strong ability to evaluate things from a customer's perspective. As a result, he can help an organization align its brand so that it is more effective."

- J.D. Power IV
J. D. Power and Associates
Author: Satisfaction: How Every Great Company Listens to the Voice of the Customer

“Ritch is a man of experience. The best leaders are the ones who have taken the high road and now can lift others. He is that leader.”

--Rich DeVos
Co-founder Amway Corporation
Owner Orlando Magic, NBA

"Ritch is not only a gifted leader, he is one of those persons who help others become leaders. He has demonstrated the ability to lead from the front but also from the back. As a highly respected public affairs officer, hospital executive, university administrator, teacher and author, he knows what true leadership is about and has pulled it off in the heat of battle. No stranger to adversity, Ritch has proven time and time again how to bounce back and succeed where others would have given up. I look forward to reading his book on leadership and predict it will be a publisher’s best seller."
--Rear Admiral William Thompson, USN
Chief of Information (1971-1975)
Department of the Navy

Founder and First President
U.S. Navy Memorial Foundation
Washington, D.C.